Daniel deCavaignac
Candidate 6th Ward City Council
Hoboken Alliance for Accountable Government

*   Daniel deCavaignac is Committed to Hoboken — “I wasn’t born in Hoboken, but my 2 daughters were, and it’s here my wife Diane and I have chosen to raise our family” Daniel says. “The needs of families in Hoboken are being overlooked by our currently elected officials in favor of building too many expensive condos.”

*   Daniel deCavaignac knows how to do MORE with LESS —Appointed by Mayor Roberts to the Hoboken Parking Authority in 2001, Daniel cut and then balanced the HPA budget, and managed the installation of a computerized revenue control and accounting system to improve efficiency and accuracy.  He cut spending on expensive outside vendors in favor of using existing HPA staff.

*   Daniel deCavaignac will vote to Ban ‘Pay to Play’ — the costly practice of giving padded city contracts to political contributors. Nino Giacchi opposes a ban on ‘pay-to-play’ – he has to – his team just raised $751,000, mostly in vendor and developer contributions.

*   Daniel deCavaignac will use parking Revenues for Parking Solutions— Daniel was key to passing the 1-side ‘Resident Only’ parking, and filling the municipal garages with monthly resident parking.  “The Mayor has taken $9.5 million from the HPA to plug a city budget gap and has no plans or resources to improve parking. Unless the City Council demands it, not one dollar of parking fees will be used for its promised purpose. All the revenue – and more – will be used by the City Hall contract machine.”

*   Daniel deCavaignac will represent EVERYONE in the 6th Ward — Improving daily quality of life issues in the 6th Ward requires a responsive councilman to ensure that city services are effectively delivered to all ward residents, the parks and streets are in good repair, and that traffic and parking laws are properly enforced.  “With the amount we pay in taxes, we deserve the highest quality public services.”

Daniel deCavaignac -- our INDEPENDENT voice on the City Council
Standing up to the Mayor – Standing up for the 6th Ward